'Archer' 2.13 'Double Trouble' Review

I'm so sad that the second season of Archer is over now. Where am I supposed to get my fix of complete insanity?!

Seriously, though, this episode ensures that the season goes out a winner. Picking up from the events of last week's "White Nights," "Double Trouble" is packed with hilarity, more shooting, and even a touch of genuine emotional impact. I'm not supposed to be getting choked up watching Archer, dammit!

Our hero has brought his new ex-KGB lady friend Katya back home, where she declares that she wants to become an ISIS agent and he swears he's madly in love with her. These developments are met with deserved skepticism, particularly when Archer tells his mom that he's quit drinking (surely, a sign of the apocalypse). When the Russians plant a file that convinces everyone Katya is a double agent, she and Archer go on the run from everyone at ISIS...and a newer, better, still ticked off Barry Dylan. Read More...



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