30 Rock Review: TV Ruined Reputation

Although the writers of TGS's 100th episode were high on gas when putting it all together, the writers of 30 Rock's "100th Episode" obviously were not.  This was a well constructed hour long episode filled with a multitude of hilarious guest stars.

While it was not anywhere near a clips show, they did manage to bring back some of the funniest moments of the series, as many of the characters flashed back to memories of the first 99 episodes.  I know you were all cheering when Liz looked back at the time she played Princess Leia on jury duty.

Although they spent some time looking back, things were also moving forward, as Tracy attempted to re-ruin his reputation, Jack tried to figure out if he wanted to stay at NBC, Jenna thought about becoming a mother, and Liz battled with an ex that wanted back in her life. Read More...



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