Supernatural Episode Recap: "Frontierland"

Thanks to Cas, Sam and Dean hit the way back machine and travel back to Sunrise, Wyoming in 1861. They have 24 hours to find a phoenix that'll help rid the world of the Mother of All. Cue the Bonanza-esque open; Western-style music serenading the jump back in time; and fanboy Dean. Plus, Sam gets to track down the Samuel Colt, maker of the gun that has meant so much to this show's mythology over the years. Cas and Bobby are integral to the boys' excellent adventure as well.

After "Weekend at Bobby's" and "The French Mistake," this is the episode I've been waiting and waiting for and it doesn't disappoint on any level. It has mythology, humor (a million hilarious lines), a monster-of-the week that I liked even though it once again took...


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