'Smallville' Season 10, Episode 18 Recap

It's a bird...It's a plane...It's Superdouche!
This week's fun and extra-goofy episode of 'Smallville' brought another C-list comic book superhero to the small screen - the shallow and swaggering Booster Gold.
Fans of the show may not have been clamoring to see "Booster Boy" come to shining life as he did here, but the gloated guardian's guest spot proved oddly appropriate as the show nears its end and Clark Kent steps closer to becoming Superman.
This was another episode penned by Geoff Johns, the acclaimed comic book scribe behind two of the series' most memorable outings (Season 8's 'Legion' and last year's 'Absolute Justice'). Johns' episodes are a special treat for both 'Smallville' fans and fans of DC Comics lore. The man has a knack for transporting comic book heroes to TV with most of their quirks, personality and integrity intact. Johns also loves lacing his 'Smallville' scripts with sly comic book references that, surprisingly, tend to add to the story instead of merely calling attention to themselves. Read More...



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