'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Oh brother, it's Klaus!


I'd like to begin this week's post by saying that while this is a recap, it is also a review, so it contains my opinions. If you are allergic to opinions, you should probably read someone else's recap. So, in short, my opinion of last night's episode of "The Vampire Diaries" is: YAY!!! "Klaus" didn't have a ton of action - no one got staked or first-kissed or kidnapped - but it did have a lot of information, and at this point in the season, that's what I really needed. There were a few plot holes nagging at me, and this week's episode plugged them all up nicely. Are you ready? Set. Go. Previously on "The Vampire Diaries": Elena was in danger, the sun and the moon curse was confusing, and... apparently AlariKlaus said some stuff that we never actually heard him say? I... okay. 8:01 - Okay, so I know that New Elena...



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