Meet Booster Gold! 'Smallville's' Eric Martsolf talks about playing the jerk with the heart of... well, you know


When we watched Friday's Tom Welling-directed "Smallville" episode, "Booster Gold," we found Metropolis's newest hero to be... well, a little bit obnoxious, at first. He swoops in out of nowhere, saves a life, and subsequently basks in the glory, demanding attention and press and girls in gold hotpants. He's kind of an egomaniac."Whoa," says "Days of Our Lives" actor Eric Martsolf, who plays Booster in the episode. "That's harsh!"Okay, okay. He's an egomaniac with a heart of gold."He can easily be construed as a jerk," Martsolf tells us. "He may be an egomaniac and an ass, but the lesson here is that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to people. It turns out that Booster's much more than an egomaniac. He was a child that was given a really poor set of circumstances growing up and he had to pay for his dying mother by throwing his own football career down the...


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