'Smallville' Recap: 'Booster'

Clark Phone Booth

SMALLVILLE Recap: 10.18: "Booster": On their way to work at the Daily Planet, Lois gives Clark lessons on how to improve his new, mild-mannered, glasses-sporting, slumped-shouldered, clumsy persona. If the Blur is going to go public and show his face, then people can’t be noticing that he looks and acts just like Clark Kent.

Just then, a teenager falls in front of an SUV bearing the logo "Kord Industries," but before the Blur can speed to the rescue, the save is made by a preening toothpaste-ad of a superhero plastered with endorsement patches on his blue and gold costume. Posing for the cameras, he announces himself as Booster Gold (played perfectly by soap opera actor Eric Martsolf), the greatest hero you’ve never heard of. Read More...



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