'Smallville': A 'Gold' star!

It’s been a rough year for sports heroes. Barry Bonds was busted for lying about steroids. Tiger Woods was exposed as a philanderer. Kobe Bryant was caught on video using a hateful slur to disparage a referee. And then, of course, there was that certain one-time championship talent, celebrated for its ability to outlast, outwit, and outplay his competitors, who still can’t straighten himself out with the Internal Revenue Service. The flaws and foibles and offensive f-ups of our cultural idols offer us an invitation to reflect on our own moral integrity, capacity for forgiveness, philosophy of justice, and belief in forgiveness. Or gossip. Mostly gossip. Put another way, the phenomenon of the fallen hero is always good for revealing how we define heroism at any given moment of time. Last night’s episode ofSmallville played like a parable for all these themes. On the surface, "Booster" — written by comic book superstar Geoff Johns and directed by Smallville star Tom Welling — was noteworthy for its DC Comics-imported fanboy fun (Booster Gold! Blue Beetle! Ted Kord! The Legion of Super-Heroes!) and totally cornball "just believe in yourself" homily. But "Booster" may have also been one of the more timely episodes of Smallville in quite a while, a comic book mirror to a moment of tarnished icons that reflected back some of the qualities we most need from our public role models.  Read More...



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