'Game of Thrones' Season 1, Episode 2 Recap

In its second episode, 'Game of Thrones' is still introducing us to its world and the people in it, and it's still setting up the conflicts to come.

That may account for the rather stilted nature of 'The Kingsroad,' which had a couple of effective moments but, in some ways, lacked an emotional spark.

'The Kingsroad' was a competent retelling the relevant set of events from the book, but it was somehow less exciting and less impressive than the previous episode (which, to be fair, got to introduce a whole new world, so it was bound to have a bit more intrinsic appeal).

In this episode, the ways in which novels can be superior to television became apparent here, to me, anyway.

Part of the reason people love the 'GoT' book series so fiercely is because readers get to know the characters in them incredibly well. Read More...



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