'Treme' Season 2 Premiere Recap

The second season of 'Treme' opens on All Saints Day, set to the somber sound of a struggling trumpet being played by a lonely kid trying to teach himself to play. It's fourteen months after Hurricane Katrina, and the show's characters are all at different stages of piecing their lives back together. Some have left New Orleans, chasing opportunity in other cities or chased out by broken roofs, but most are hanging in there, trying to make things work in their struggling hometown.

The direction David Simon may be trying to take the show's second season emerges early on. Sonny's getting a drink at a strip-club when two gunmen walk in and start firing, hitting five people and killing one. It's a scene that could have happened at Avon Barksdale's Orlando's in Baltimore, and offers a clue about where 'Treme' is going: in the vacuum of progress, stability and order, violent crime is spiking in the city, yet another obstacle added to the many already threatening New Orleans' attempt at recovery. Read More...



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