The Killing Review: "Super 8"

"Super 8" gave us very little in terms of evidence and revelations, but this week's episode continues bringing some clarity to our characters and their daily struggles. While the heartbreaking scenes of a family in crisis continue to move me, they are becoming just a little bit wearing, especially when we see how badly this tragedy is affecting the children.

The episode did a great job illuminating Linden's nature and giving us some possible revelations about Holder, but the pacing was a little too slow this week. Usually by the episode's end, the storyline has reached some great climax or cliffhanger, but this week's fell flat. We're left looking at puzzling scenes from Rosie's film wondering, What does it all mean?

For Stan, those grainy shots of his daughter's brief life mean only deep misery and a desire for revenge. Initially hesitant to involve himself in the police investigation, he has a change of heart when he sees his daughter prepared for burial. Telling Belko to find out whatever he can about the new suspect, Stan seems determined and possibly dangerous. Read More...


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