'The Celebrity Apprentice' recap: Feuding Females

For four seasons now, people have scoffed at me when I proclaimed Celebrity Apprentice to be the most entertaining show on television. Mad Men? A stylish and sexy look at a bygone era. Modern Family? A fantastic sitcom with hilarious characters in relatable situations. 30 Rock? Alec Baldwin still makes me laugh every time he opens his mouth. Those shows are all good. But let me ask you this: Do any of those programs feature in depth discussions about women "crawling up" Star Jones' ass? And what a discussion it was! It all started innocently enough, with NeNe complaining in the Boardroom that, "I felt like a couple of these girls were crawling up Star's ass." That's not a remarkable statement in the dissing and dismissing vernacular of reality TV. But check out the follow-up by the man who may or may not be running for President of the United States, Donald Trump: "By the way, much nicer now that she lost all the weight." WHAT?!? Hold on, is Donald Trump saying what I think he's saying — that because Star Jones underwent weight-loss surgery, that therefore her "ass" is more appealing and a place where other women may, in fact, want to crawl into? Can you even say that on network television? Can I even write that on this web site? Read More...


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