‘The Killing,’ Season 1, Episode 5, ‘Super 8?: TV Recap


Linden and Holder try to make a case against Bennet in Rosie’s murder, the Larsons continue to fray around the edges, and Richmond’s ferreting of the leak in his campaign proves surprising, in last night’s evocative episode of "The Killing," "Super 8."

Linden and Holder are indeed questioning Rosie’s teacher Bennet, who as it turns out, is connected to Darren Richmond’s campaign. He has no alibi for the night Rosie went missing, as his wife went out of town while he claimed to be working on home improvements. When confronted by the letters he wrote to Rosie, Bennet cites his passion for Rosie the student, and gives the detectives a Super 8 film that she was working on as proof of her talents.

The Larsons, meanwhile, are grasping for some kind of normalcy, but it’s elusive and then some. Mitch is still so out of it, she hasn’t shopped in days, leaving the kids to fend for themselves. Finally, out of embarrassment, she decides to go to the store, but she’s practically shunned by a woman she waves to. Stan, too, is frustrated by the sudden cancelations of jobs booked long in advance. He also losing his battle to move on from the unspeakable tragedy with each moment, culminating in a breakdown in a restroom. Read More...



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