GENERATOR REX “Without a Paddle” Review

GENERATOR REX "Without a Paddle" Episode 32 – Once again this episode of Generator Rexstands alone and doesn’t seem to have anything to do with any major storyline. As much as I really want to get back into the meat of the story with Rex and Van Kleiss, this episode had me cracking up so I’m letting it slide… again.

It seemed like Rex was dropped into some kind of crazy sports or game Anime tonight instead of your normal Generator Rex episode. Rex becomes the "trump card" student transfer so I appreciated Noah’s super fast explanation of the entire process of getting Rex transferred into Benjamin Franklin High School for a week and signing him up for classes as if it was a simple thing to do. In a lot of Anime, you get the whole school idolizing the number one fill-in-the-blank-team player and with his transfer into the table tennis club, Rex automatically took up that position. He had screaming girls rushing around him and kissing him on the face (making him blush!) and football players bending over backwards to ensure a win for the school. I’ve never seen a school so excited about table tennis, but in any case, it was nice to see Rex enjoying a somewhat normal school life. I liked seeing him be excited about normal things like classes and tests that the average high school student might think of as boring. Read More...


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