THE EVENT “Strain” Review

THE EVENT "Strain" Season 1 Episode 18 - We pick up directly after the end of last week’s episode. Sophia’s plan to have Jarvis poison Martinez goes without a hitch and he’s soon in hospitalafter having a major stroke. The bleeding on his brain continues, however, meaning his condition seems likely to deteriorate. This clears the way for Jarvis to get himself sworn in as president in Martinez’s stead.

Leila is caught on the phone by her father, Michael. Instead of turning Leila in, he kills the man Sophia sent to guard her. But he warns Leila that he won’t be able to protect her in future and tells her to accept that she’s one of them now.

The Alien weapon is found in the form of a dormant virus (a strain of Spanish influenza, apparently) held dormant in a frozen corpse in Siberia. It’s taken to a ship to be dissected, the infected lungs packed up to be sent to the USA. But there’s an incident, the virus gets loose and kills everyone on the ship.

Sean and Vicky get there and find the bodies. The one surviving crew member – who wasn’t onboard when the virus got loose – tells them about the lungs. Will they be able to intercept before the lungs get to the USA and the Aliens can release the virus to the masses? Read More...


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