GAME OF THRONES “The Kingsroad” Review

GAME OF THRONES "The Kingsroad" Season 1 Episode 2 – Last week the characters were established. This week some of the characters were developed, and a whole lot more were established.Game of Thrones is very awkward to adapt into a television series mainly because with so many plot threads and so many characters it’s difficult to latch on to a single person. Luckily, George RR Martin’s characters are, for the most part, layered and interesting. Unfortunately, because they’re so interesting, and because the book has a place for every character, a role for every character to fulfil,Game of Thrones does not have a lot of time to let the characters and the world breathe.

Take, for instance, the direwolfs. We saw them grow in the stables with Tyrion’s drunken body lying among them. This is great for showing the passing of time, but it certainly encroaches on the relationship built between the direwolfs and their respective Starks: Sansa’s distress at Lady’s sentence of execution is sad not because we’ve seen how much they mean to each other, but because Lady is simply a beautiful creature. The monumental sacrifice Arya makes by throwing rocks at her beloved Nymeria does not feel so monumental. These are relatively small issues on the grand scale, but I hope that, a few episodes in, the world will be established enough so that things like the direwolfs won’t be passed over. Read More...


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