SMALLVILLE “Booster” Review

SMALLVILLE "Booster" Season 10 Episode 18 -There are mere weeks left until the finale ofSmallville, until the end of one of the most inspired adaptations of a comic books series ever. So why is Smallville ending this season in a cascade of schmaltz? In this episode Booster Gold, a pseudo hero from the future, travels to Metropolis to take Clark’s place as the greatest superhero ever. Unfortunately Booster is less interested in saving people and more interested in seeing his name in bright lights courtesy, or so he hopes, of Lois Lane. Meanwhile, a young awkward kid finds his hands on a McGuffin and turns into an Iron Man with atrocious effects.

Tessa and the Luthors took a back seat in this episode and gave the spotlight to Lois and Clark. Now, I have to say I actually quite liked the episode up until the last ten minutes, when the writing and acting conspired to give me severe diabetes from the sort of puke inducing speeches you see in football movies and, of course, comic book films. But the first part was quite enjoyable, parodying the superficial importance placed on awards shows, slipping in references from Network to Iron Man. I love to hate the ever annoying, ever perky, ever condescending Cat Grant, so seeing her return to the Daily Planet was a welcome joy. Read More...


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