EAGLEHEART “A Mug of Chili and a Bowl of Death” Review

EAGLEHEART "A Mug of Chili and a Bowl of Death" Episode 12 – When it comes to television shows exploring accidental cannibalism by virtue of chili, it’s practically impossible to top South Park‘s episode, "Scott Tenorman Must Die." In tonight’s season finale, Eagleheart tries it’s hand at making chili with human flesh, only this time, it’s marshal flavored and served in a mug.

As far as using human chili for shock value, Eric Cartman feeding Scott Tenorman chili made with his parents’ flesh wins without a doubt. Eagleheart might have avoided a direct comparison to South Park’s episode by having Lulu make a world famous lasagna or tacos, but I guess you can’t serve those things in a mug.

There didn’t appear to be any attempt to actually hide the fact that Lulu’s world famous chili’s secret ingredient was human flesh. When Chris asks her about the recipe, she flat out says, "if I told you, I’d have to kill you. If I killed you, I’d have to turn you into chili." Because it’s Eagleheart, I was half expecting a wacky plot twist that would reveal she was cooking with unicorn meat or something, but the plot stuck with the stolen corpses plan. Read More...



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