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'Doctor Who' 6.01 'The Impossible Astronaut' Review

It's not hard for me to see why Doctor Who has become such a beloved franchise. I think there's always going to be a place on TV for an epic, fun adventure series that can be watched with the who...

After a cute but perhaps too cute opening, The Doctor gathers Amy, Rory and River Song (ER's Alex Kingston, who is starting to grow on me) in Southeastern Utah, plotting something involving space in 1969. (Yes, there really is a San Juan School District.) They're all there when he is shot and killed - before he can finish regenerating - by a mysterious astronaut. Imagine their surprise when a younger version of The Doctor later turns up and rejoins them. Obviously, they can't say anything as he's now tinkering with his own past. As a Terminator fan, I'm used to paradoxes and think they can be fun if handled well, so I'm game for this. My only question is what it does for the viability of the franchise, as how can they replace Matt Smith with another actor later on if The Doctor is dead and his body destroyed? I don't fully grasp that, but I'm sure someone will sort it out. Read More...


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