'90210' Recap: 'Nerdy Little Secrets'

After last week's Mexican getaway provided some much-needed spice, things were (relatively) back to normal in Beverly Hills. But amidst finding new extra-curriculars and dealing with college admissions stress, certain secrets were waiting to be revealed, whether their owners were willing to share them or not. The truth has a funny sense of timing, doesn't it?

Naomi and Max continued to keep their relationship under wraps—or behind the door of the girls' bathroom—which was anything but healthy and rewarding for them both. With the finals of the academic invitational looming, and one doe-eyed, Rory Gilmore lookalike waiting in the wings for Max, Naomi's jealousy had boiled over. But Alex, the "Tom Brady of the academic invitational," was just a brainiac interested in literature and history who wanted a last-minute cram session before the finals. She wasn't used to the typical girl world of West Bev's elite, so when Naomi came at her in a jealous rage, she made the first irrational decision of her life and skipped out before the final (Naomi has a knack for being people's firsts). Okay, maybe charging at an innocent little girl and going right for the hair was a bad move, yet despite the drama, after last week's revelation that Max is a hot commodity amongst girl nerds, how could Naomi NOT be suspicious? Read More...



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