'Justified' 2.12 'Reckoning' Advance Review

As you've seen if you've caught any of the TV spots over the last week, "Reckoning" gives us a very quick resolution to the cliffhanger at the end of "Full Commitment." The entire episode is devoted near exclusively to the fallout from that incident, except for one scene, and that's appropriate. Making something so significant just another one of multiple storylines would be doing a disservice for this show that's built on its characters. Whether or not you agree with even going there in the first place is a separate and entirely valid debate, one I'll reserve until the episode airs.

There are certain issues that I have with the episode, both as a standalone and with how it fits into the larger picture of the season. Keeping in mind that this is the last episode before the season finale, I'm not sure this is quite the way that I'd head into what's expected to be a big finale. (At least, it will have to be in order to top last season's spectacular "Bulletville.") Especially with two fairly low-key episodes before it in "Debts and Accounts" as well as "Full Commitment," I was hoping for something truly jaw-dropping, and this is not it. That doesn't mean it's not great, just that it's not something I'm going to be losing sleep over.

I also have to wonder about some of the characters in the episode. Not unlike "Full Commitment," there were a few moments here where I scratched my head and had to wonder why they were behaving the way they did. This is a big red flag for me. I'd like to think I know these characters pretty well by now, and yet I didn't quite buy them this week. Read More...



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