Recap: 'The Event' - 'Strain'

But, first of all, I have to give a shout out to commentator David Hansen, who last week correctly predicted that Sophia’s "weapon" would be a frozen specimen of the 1918 Spanish flu, which is speculated to be the single deadliest pathogen in human history. On paper, I like this development. "24" proved that biological agents can be the most frightening of looming threats. There’s something immediate and real about them, and they can be administered in degrees, leaving the writers with plenty of wiggle room to ramp up tension. Making the biological threat here something historical seems like a smart move (there’s even a theory that suggests the Spanish flu was extraterrestrial!)

Though, of course, "The Event" immediately destroys any tenuous tether it may have to something we might actually relate to. I had expected Sophia to use her alien technology to weaponize the virus in some manner, but there’s clearly no need for her to do so: the virus, fresh out of a 93-year-old frozen corpse, goes airborne within seconds and kills everyone on an old Russian sea vessel before they have a chance to make their way to the upper deck or, you know, seek medical attention, or something. As best I can tell, every one’s dead by the time the ship’s skipper gets back from purchasing a pack of smokes. (Also, as best I can tell, Sean and Vicky travel from France to Siberia during during the same time frame.) Read More...


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