‘Glee,’ Season 2, Episode 18, ‘Born This Way’: TV Recap

Welcome back, Kurt! And everyone else who’s been doubting the relevance of "Glee"‘s sophomore season. You’re just in time for the best episode yet, "Born This Way."

Forget those anemic episodes you’ve seen so far. This supersized 90-minute tribute to owning your flaws, however embarrassing they are, sounded just the perfect notes. The night held wonderful gems: A clear message. Witty repartee (Santana’s biting lines were spun gold). Great character build up. And tailored songs that carried emotional heft.

Let’s start with Kurt’s homecoming song, "As If We Never Said Goodbye," from the musical Sunset Boulevard. (McKinley got him back from the Dalton School.) From that first verse, you get a taste of Kurt’s command of bravura Broadway. And thank God, the performance wasn’t cut short. Never has a Norma Desmond been so accessible, appealing, amazing. Barbra Streisand would tip her hat (or nose). Read More...



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