Recap: 'Glee' - 'Born This Way'

I know I’m a broken record stating that the show has an insanely difficult time keeping things simple and focused, but there are times in which they seem to have a solid idea…only to discard it upon seeing something shiny out of the corner of its eye. Having "self-acceptance" as a theme should have given the episode a nice through line, with everyone in the group being able to explore their own insecurities around those they nominally respect. After all, who in their teenage years doesn’t have insecurities? A few weeks ago, I lamented that "Alcohol" left the confines of Rachel’s basement, where a drunken night could have led to some serious revelations between the group. Just like in that episode, "Born This Way" took something simple, overcomplicated it, took it into a back alley, and then beat it almost past the point of recognition. Read More...


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