'Biggest Loser' Is Short and Sweet

Alison comes out and tells the contestants that this week is favorites week at the Ranch. Past contestants, previous favorite challenges, all will be present this week. Right off the bat, Alison brings forward Ali Vincent, who won Season 5, and Sam Poueu from Season 9. Everyone is excited and they immediately hit the gym. Ali does the Jillian and hunkers down on Rulon's back while he does planks. 

What's coolest to me is that, after the workout, Sam and Ali pull everyone into the kitchen for a little nutritional info, which, as I have discussed before, is something this show is greatly lacking. Sam explains that, after a good workout, carbs are just as important as protein and hydration. Ali shows the contestants how to make a nice, versatile quinoa salad with a lot of fiber, protein and vitamins. Sam explains some little tips, like how cherry tomatoes are packed with nutrient and that grilled onions are easier for the body to digest than raw ones. This is perfect information, and something especially valuable when it's coming from people who have completed this journey and are now living the post-TBL life.  Read More...



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