'Glee' Recap: Learning to Embrace Your Flaws

I'm gonna start this Glee recap with a rant, because right now I'm mad as hell. The episode ended with New Directions (now with Kurt) singing Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" while wearing t-shirts with the thing they don't like about themselves on them, sending a message that they are embracing their flaws. Kurt's t-shirt said "Likes Boys." 

Liking boys is NOT a flaw! I know Glee and the show's producers don't think it is either, but the message that it implied is one of the most offensive things I've ever seen on television. While other people's shirts said things they don't like about themselves but which they've accepted (Tina's brown eyes, Finn's bad dancing), Kurt's shirt was, instead, something other people may not like about him, but something that he loves about himself. Kurt is a confident, proud homosexual, and I feel confident that he would never suggest that liking boys is a flaw. Read More...



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