'The Voice' Premiere Recap: Blind Auditions Night One Hits Some High Notes

Welcome to The Voice: The Anti-Idol! This is my first time recapping a singing competition, so bear with me as we ease into it and work out the kinks. (That's what she said?) But if host Carson Daly is to be believed, any of my experience writing about singing shows wouldn't be relevant because The Voice is "unlike any other, because it puts vocal ability first." In other words: DID YOU KNOW UGLY PEOPLE CAN SING, TOO? And that we should judge them with our earballs, not our eyeballs? I know it's hard to understand, and that's why Cee Lo, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera (heretofore known as Xtina, forever and ever amen) and Blake Shelton will be our shepherds through this journey as they search for The Voice, and we search for the humanity within ourselves to possibly root for a non-hot set of vocal chords.

The four celebrity coaches (whom I already know I will mistakenly call "judges" every week) kick off the show with a rendition of Cee Lo's "Crazy," and hearing Blake Shelton sing it is like Martian karaoke. He's a country singer, his voice was not meant for this! Still, the performance is pretty excellent. Having sufficiently proven that they have the chops to judge the voices who are about to apply to become THE Voice, they plop down in their glowing swivel chairs and get ready for The Draft. Of SOULS.  Read More...



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