'Glee' recap: Nobody Nose the Trouble I've Seen

That's more like it, Gleeks!

After having an off week last week, Glee was back -- and with an extra 30 minutes for our troubles. And you know what? It wasmuuuuuuch better. Let's break down this lesson about "acceptance." (Luckily, Mr. Schue's spelling was better than his math was last week.)

The episode began with something we've all wanted to do at one time or another: Rachel was punched in the face -- except this was an accident (or "accident"?). Poor Finn and his clumsy dance moves. Oh, and poor Rachel's nose. Not only was it punched and bruised, but it was insulted by the most horrible doctor I've ever seen, who suggested the 16-year-old get a nose job to fix her, um, prominent, signature feature. Blasphemy! To be fair, he also claimed it would improve her voice, which got her attention. Of course, the man knew the angle would work. It is quite obvious to anyone who has met Rachel that the girl would buy magic beans if she was promised enhanced talents. (Note: I hope someone tries to sell her magic beans one day.) Read More...



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