'Glee' Recap: Just Be A Queen

In just a few weeks, the glee club is going to Nationals, prom royalty will be crowned, and Lady Gaga will release a new album. It’s a trifecta of amazing events that deserve to be brought together in a super sparkly, extra-long ‘Glee’ that’s all about self-acceptance.

Rather than hit us over the head with the theme of this episode, Finn clocks Rachel in the nose. In under a minute, rhinoplasty is on the table and New Directions is debating the merits of surgically enhanced vs unconditional self-acceptance.  Miss Pillsbury is brought in to help Mr. Schue drive home the message that this week is all about ACCEPTANCE (and a catchy pop song). Sadly, as much as she wants to encourage the kids to embrace their flaws, she can’t come clean and admit the true source of her own self-loathing.

In Miss P’s defense, severe OCD seems a little more personal than a Jewish nose or two left feet. What would her song even be? A clever, unexpected TLC/Steven Sondheim mash-up like Rachel and Quinn? A spirited Rat Pack toe-tapper with an amazing dance partner like Finn? Nelly’s "Over and Over" perhaps? "19th Nervous Breakdown" by The Rolling Stones? "Brian Wilson" – Bare Naked Ladies? "Unwell" – Matchbox Twenty? "Little Miss Obsessive" – Ashlee Simpson? Or more TLC with "No Scrubs?" Read More...



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