'Hellcats' Recap: 'Before I Was Caught'

Out with the old, in with the new seemed to be the theme of Tuesday night's "Hellcats." Of course, no episode can start without an ab-flashing dance routine practice in the gym. The Hellcats show off their breast cancer benefit routine for the new head of athletics, Dean Laverne. Although they appreciate the support and interest, the dean seems to like the routine a little too much. His pervy eyes and description of the routine as "tasty dance moves" are kind of creepy for my taste, but then again it's just a TV show.

Post perving-out, Dean Laverne turns on Vanessa and begins grilling her about her relationship with Red and information about Red's ex-wife Emily. Completely caught off guard, Vanessa sputters out a few sentences about not knowing much and asks why the interest. Well, turns out the NCAA has Lancer University under the microscope for their recent shady activity, scandal and staff turnover. It just so happens Emily is the head lawyer for the NCAA and is out to get Red. Why? Well wouldn't you know…when Red was married to Emily when he cheated on her with Vanessa. Burn. Read More...



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