'Survivor: Redemption Island': It's the Boston Rob Show on CBS!


It's the Boston Rob Shoooooow on CBS Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT.Post-TribalSo what is the aftermath of Phillip's race card shenanigans? Steve offers Phillip an olive branch handshake and Phillip agrees, but privately Phillip thinks it wasn't totally "genuous." He doesn't like that Steve has mocked him a couple times. Well, not saying things like "genuous" would be a good start. In the morning, Phillip has another Wayne Campbell Indian vision and thinks his grandfather is going to help him find the trunks Julie buried. He finds them, but I blame production 'cause nobody wants to see him walk around in those droopy drawers.He then screws up the"You can't handle the truth" quote from "A Few Good Men" and calls himself an "undercover specialist." And he can't wait to show off his shorts to Julie at the duel. Like she gives a rat's patootie.Redemption IslandMatt is suffering. He's been so lonely and downtrodden and...



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