'The Vampire Diaries': Michael Trevino returns, Damon makes a shocking choice


"The Vampire Diaries" fandom has been buzzing with rumors and spoilers as the season draws to a close. Understandably, executive producer Julie Plec has to choose her words carefully as she teases what's to come. One of the rumors we've seen has involved the death count - a few outlets have reported an expected three deaths before the end of the season. During a press event on Wednesday, Plec warns that the headcount might not be entirely accurate. "The term 'a lot of deaths' is something that's been circulating on the internet a lot from different sources," she says. "All I've ever said is that there will be some severe and tragic consequences, and the loss of life will be extreme over the last several episodes. I want to kind of dispel any number value that's been placed on anything in the Twitter universe."That said, we've seen Thursday's episode, "The Last Day," and we can...



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