Recap: 'Survivor: Redemption Island' - 'A Mystery Package'

Did you order the Code Fuchsia? We're up to Day 28. Steve and Ralph are the Last of the Zapateras. Steve, so faux-consiliatory the night before is wondering where, exactly, "numbnuts" is. He's referring to Phillip, who has gone on a quest for his shorts, hidden by Julie before her departure. He's had a vision, courtesy of his great-great grandfather, a full-blood Cherokee -- You might remember him from such visions as "The Feather" -- and he's in search of shorts. Eureka! Under the second rock, Phillip finds his shorts! Oh come on. That's impressive. You know you're impressed. Phillip is giddy, rambling, "Here's to you, Julie. Don't mess with the undercover specialist, because he makes his living uncovering truth. And most people, like you, can't stand the truth. What did Jack Nicholson say to Tom Cruise? Son, you can't stand the truth! You can't take the truth!" Well, that's 0-2. But still, he did find the shorts.   "Phillip, he's a different breed," Steve says. Now, see, again... I'm not saying Steve's racist. But maybe you don't call the black guy a different breed, Steve? Just to protect yourself? Phillip can't wait to see the look on Julie's face at the Duel when he comes in with his crotch wholly swathed. Read More...


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