'Cougar Town': The 'Invisible' woman

Last night’s Cougar Town taught us a valuable lesson about embarrassment: You can’t hear the world laughing at you if you’re laughing harder. (Or in Andy’s case, if you have pool water stuck in your ear.) It also taught us the importance of a good history lesson. If you don’t learn the simple stuff, you might just end up looking like a super-sexy corpse. And I think that’s a bad thing.

We learned how charitable the cul-de-sac crew is: Laurie raises money for public schools, Grayson helps eradicate non-indigenous species in the Everglades, Bobby volunteers at a soup kitchen—just as a taster, but still—and Ellie and Andy both help out at a women’s shelter. The women take turns kicking Andy in the crotch during their self-defense classes.Another day, another kick in the crotch. Jules, although happy just writing checks, realized she wanted to get involved too. She joined Laurie’s charity, The Wonder of Reading. Reading helped Laurie get out of her crap school and neighborhood, so she felt the need to give back. (Ed. note: "reading" in that last sentence can be defined as "car modeling.") Read More...



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