'Justified' - 'Reckoning': The grieving gunslinger

'Justified' - 'Reckoning': The grieving gunslinger

A review of tonight's "Justified," the penultimate episode of season two, coming up just as soon as I ask a rhetorical question... 

"You don't have to do this!" -Dickie
"Of course I do. This is who we are, Dickie." -Raylan
This season of "Justified" has been one long scorpion and the frog parable, as Raylan, Boyd, Mags and so many others have tried and failed to change their natures, dragging a variety of frogs down with them. And by the end of the fantastic "Reckoning," many of the major players have accepted who and what they are. Mags may be happy to provide a respectable life for her grandkids, but they're going to have to pry her criminal empire from her cold, dead fingers. Dickie will never be a mastermind, because he'll always need Mags to bail him out. Boyd will always be a bandit, and Ava always in love with a Crowder man. 

But Raylan? Well, maybe Raylan doesn't always need to be a killer - or, at least, he doesn't need to be a Givens-style killer.  Read More...



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