'Cougar Town' Moment -- Bobby Hits the Wrong Ball

There's always crazy stuff going on in 'Cougar Town.' Busy Philipps' character, Laurie Keller, now has a Twitter feed, @thelarmy, where you see her supposedly tweeting while things are going on in the episode. Then there's Jules and her penchant for bodily-shutting-down when embarrassed; wouldn't you shut down, though, if a bunch of 6-year-olds tell you that the name "Richard Stands" isn't in the pledge of allegiance?
In a lot of ways, though, there's nothing crazier than the life of Bobby Cobb. He lives on a boat in the middle of a parking lot. He creates games like Penny Can. He's still good friends with his ex-wife. So, when Bobby finally got his act together long enough to qualify for a professional golf tournament, you knew that he wouldn't be challenging Tiger Woods at the top of the leader board. Read More...



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