'Nurse Jackie' 'Rat Falls' Recap April 27, 2011

Is Zoey going a little loony? Jackie can’t understand why Zoey is getting so upset over some regular visitors to the ER, and then can’t understand why Eddie is texting Tunie. Hang on – maybe Jackie is the one getting a little loony! Jackie warns Eddie that Tunie was up half the night, hacking in to her ex-boyfriend, the pilot’s, email.  But go for it, if that’s what you want. He offers her valium, to take the edge off. "There is no edge," she says, then races off to where she’s hidden the last of her private stash, in a ceiling tile in an unused office.

The stash, the last of the pills she stole from the epileptic drug dealer last season, have held out for a remarkably long time. But she’s down to her last nine days’ worth of pills, and some pills have rat nibble prints. Read More...



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