'Justified' 2.12 'Reckoning' Recap and Review

That great acting starts from the first moment. Raylan arrives at his father's house, which has become a crime scene. We now know for sure that Aunt Helen is dead. What a shame. Our hero sees the aftermath of her demise in slow motion and near silence. Normally, I hate slow motion scenes. Most of the time, slow motion is an annoying visual effect for a moment that's sorely overblown. Not in this case. It allows us to better appreciate everything Timothy Olyphant is conveying in his facial expressions and body language.

Once the sound kicks back in, we hear state trooper Tom Bergen (hi again, Tom!) telling Raylan that Helen got a shot off before she was killed. Tom also notes that money was taken, and that Raylan is back in town as a private citizen. We all know that's not going to stop him, though!

Arlo walks out onto the porch as Helen's body is removed by the coroner. He and Raylan have nothing to say to each other. In fact, the wheels are already turning in Raylan's head.

Meanwhile, Boyd is making breakfast (and plotting his next move in the battle with Dickie) when a stunned Ava arrives home and tells him that Helen is dead. This makes Boyd angry, and he tells his friends to tell their friends to arrive that night instead of the next. Read More...



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