JUSTIFIED “Reckoning” Review

JUSTIFIED "Reckoning" Season 2 Episode 12 – It’s funny that I just wrote an article about the fact thatBoyd and Raylan share a "bromance," because this episode showed how the two of them keep getting drawn into each other’s lives. Theirs is a complicated relationship but there’s no denying that they are close. At this point, they’ve even shared the love of one woman. I’m not saying they love each other or even like each other, but they still have a bond and deep down, I think they both know that when push comes to shove (and they are all out of any other options) they can count on each other.

After Helen’s death, Raylan finally gets wind of what Boyd’s been doing. That’s when Boyd tells Raylan that he does hold one card, or at least his father does, when it comes to finding Dickie. If Arlo threatens to drop out on the Black Pike deal, they can put Mags into a corner and force her to give up her son. The trouble with going through with the plan is that it brings Mags back into the fight. Dickie may have been a bit of a bumbling idiot but you can’t say the same thing about his momma. Read More...



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