After 6 Seasons of Bones is Now the Time For Booth and Brennan as a Couple?

foxIt is one of TV's age old problems regarding whether a lead couple on a show should become romantically entangled and how this might effect the dynamic of the show. The one that is often sited as being the reason why a couple should not get together is Moonlighting as the shows ratings went in to decline after the leads (Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd) hooked up.

But should we keep referring to a show that is over twenty years old when discussing this issue? Yes the dynamic of this show was ruined by this direction of storytelling but does that mean that all other shows with similar chemistry between the leads must follow suit? These questions about what it would mean to the shows structure and how an audience will react are ones that are likely to be asked by writers when there is a clear sexual chemistry between their characters. This is clearly something that has been spoken about in regards to Booth and Brennan in Bones and as we approach the end of the sixth season is now the time for them as a romantic couple? Read More...


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