Nikita Photos & Promo: Episode 1.20 "Glass Houses"

nikitaAn all new episode of Nikita will be airing tomorrow (April 28).  Last week's episode left us with a bit to ponder.  Alex had the opportunity to fake her death and escape Division, but chose to save Jaden instead.  While Jaden was appreciative, it was revealed that she's feeding information about Alex to Percy and hiding that fact from Alex.

Michael and Nikita continue to go strong in their relationship, even as Michael continues to play the double-agent right under Percy's nose.  In the April 28 episode, Percy sends Michael to check on one of his black boxes.  Percy decides to be more proactive about protecting the boxes since Nikita continues to find and destroy them.

But Nikita beats Michael to the next location: a small town in Pennsylvania.  When she arrives she learns that the guardian of this black box is a woman named Dana, who is living a normal life with her family.  Michael, unfortunately, tells Percy that Dana has essentially abandoned her Division duties, although she continues to protect the box.  Nikita is then forced to go fight Division when they arrive in town to try and destroy Dana for her actions. Read More...


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