Smallville Sneak Peek: Oliver & Clark Go to the Zoners' Dimension in 10.19 "Dominion"

smallvilleSmallville star Justin Hartley makes his directorial debut in the April 29 episode, which also marks the return of Callum Blue as Zod.

In the April 29 episode, Tess learns that someone gained access to the Phantom Zone's escape portal when General Slade is found on the street corner where the portal is located.  Clark decides to travel to the Zoners' dimension to make sure that no one else is escaping.  Before he leaves, he decides to tell Tess a secret, but fails to tell Lois, which leads her to believe that Clark doesn't trust her.

Another problem springs up when Oliver decides to trick Clark into taking him to the Zoners' dimension.  After arriving, the pair are captured by the Zoners, who deliver their prisoners to their new leader: Zod.  Clark and Oliver will be forced to fight their way back to freedom and their own dimension. Read More...


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