Fringe 3.20 "6:02 AM EST" Review

fringeI knew going into this episode of Fringe that it was set to begin the countdown to the finale. In various interviews both cast and producers have discussed how the finale storyline is more or less spread over the last three episodes. I expected big things from 6:02 AM EST, and it most certainly did not disappoint.

Just to get it out of the way, the only thing about which I’m mildly displeased is the fact that Walternate was able to use Peter and AltLivia’s son – whose name has finally been revealed as Henry – to activate the machine. Up until this point, one of the only things we knew about the machine was that it is intended for Peter and responds only to him. The notion that Walternate would be able to activate it with only half of the genetic profile it requires never quite made sense to me: by that reasoning, both Walternate and Elizabeth could conceivably activate the machine as well. Although I do like that Walternate didn’t simply use the sample he took from Henry, but removed the genes from AltLivia leaving behind a pure sample of half of Peter’s genes. That particular detail salvaged the plot point for me. Read More....


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