How I Met Your Mother 6.21 "Hopeless" Review

So sorry readers for no review last week!! A meatball sub exploded all over my laptop and it was unusable.

To make it short, I thought last week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, entitled "The Exploding Meatball Sub" was lackluster at best and after having seen last night’s episode, it almost feels like it was just randomly thrown in to meet the required number of episodes.

Now, let’s move on to this week’s episode…

how i met your motherThis episode was well acted, well scripted and well done. In "Hopeless" we got back to the Barney and his dad storyline and were also shown some hopeful foreshadowing for a couple I’d like to see get back together.  (Ahem…Robin and Barney!)

The episode begins with a 6 year old Barney and his dad (John Lithgow, in a terribly awesome wig) just as his dad Jerry is about to leave him. His last words to his son "Don’t stop partying."

Well the party hasn’t stopped for Mr. Stinson as we all know. Angry after receiving an invite from his father for a fishing trip with brother JJ, Barney sets out to find the old crazy Jerry again and invites him out for a night on the town. Along the way, he creates new personalities for everyone in the gang because their real personalities simply aren’t awesome enough. Read More...


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