South Park: "HUMANCENTiPAD" Review

South Park is once again impressively contemporary with aSeason 15 premiere that takes aim at Apple's customer policies, soon after news broke of an alleged "secret log file" on iPhones. This seemed like a perfect opportunity to pull off an epic corporate spoof, but although this episode does get in some zingers, it's not nearly as strong as previous season openers. Not that the episode was a turd, by any means. It started with usual South Park flair as we find Cartman being a dick and showing off an iPad he doesn't really have. The gag with Cartman goading his mother to f#!k him goes on a bit too long, as South Park jokes often do. It was a cool joke the first time, mildly humorous the second time, and quite tired after that. Then there are the Apple Geniuses. While that topic certainly is ripe for satire, the jokes here were generic and could have pretty much described any retail customer service experience. I'll give the writers some credit for the Genius "quickening" idea though – it was original, if not entirely amusing.  Read More...


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