Game of Thrones: "The Kingsroad" Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode follow. Let it be known that I'd give real money to watch Tyrion smack Prince Joffrey in the mouth one more time. Of course, I could just watch the entire scene on a loop. Yes, if you're looking for the "villain of the piece" this week, it's definitely Joffrey, who, simply put, is a cowardly, entitled little s***. "The Kingsroad" (named after the main passage from Winterfell to King's Landing) plays out like a bit of a road picture, with most of our characters on the move, headed to an assortment of destinations. "The Kingsroad" was a solid episode as it focused on shifting our characters out of their comfort zones. Poor Daenerys assumed the role of the nomadic, exhausted Khalisi, Jon left home and realized he'd joined the ranks of rapists and thieves and Ned found out that his job as the King's Hand already massively sucked even before he'd reached the main kingdom.  Read More...


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