Is Every Episode of SYTYCD the Same? Musings on S7 to Date

Hello fellow So You Think You Can Dance fans. If you're anything like me, you have little coordination thanks to at most two years of dance lessons during your formative years (for me it was "Who wears Short Shorts?" at Dancing Plus Studio, age 6) but that doesn't stop you from judging the competitive dance show uninhibitedly from your comfy Ikea couch.

For the most part, SYTYCD is a really fun show: the dances are usually entertaining thanks largely to talented choreographers (especially love Mandy Moore, NappyTabs, Sonya Tayeh and Mia Michaels), the dancers are likable and always root for each other which is a rarity for reality TV shows, and since I no longer listen to the radio, the show's music keeps me up-to-date on the latest pop songs and musicians, providing a continuous stream of downloads for the iPod I take to the gym never.

But, the problem with the show this season is that I can write a recap of an episode before it even airs. Watch this:

-Dancers dance -hip hop, contemporary and jazz numbers are great; ballroom, disco and fox-trot not so much

-The charming Cat Deeley blinds the audience with her dress and observes "judging's hard, I don't know how you do it"

-Nigel pats himself on the back for bringing global dance to the masses

-Mia Michaels squints, contorts her shoulders and judges on the basis of looks rather than dance

-Shankman advises watching the tape for useful feedback rather than providing useful feedback

-A good dancer gets injured and Jose gets another bye-week

-Ratio of boys to girls increases

10 bucks says this recap is just as relevant after tonight's show. Don't believe me? Come back tomorrow to read the actual recap, and while I won't have any money on me, what you can expect to get is the following: since I'm new at this blogging thing, I'm going to be a little ambitious with the format. I'm thinking that each week, I can recap the week's episode, provide a no less than hard-hitting critique of the dancing, judging and hosting, and here comes the ambitious part...address a season-long question that's been no doubt keeping all of us up at night. Such questions as:

1. Do we like Mia Michaels as a judge?

2. Are the judges doing too much to sway the voting?

3. Does the new format with the All-Stars work?

4. Is the show an equal platform for all styles of dance?

5. Does the show favor boys over girls?

Get excited. Catch you after the show.

Rebecca Greene


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Jul 21, 2010 3:25PM EDT

1. I don't like anyone as a judge -- Mia especially. She makes me almost miss Mary Murphy. Almost.2. I've picked up the habit of fast-forwarding through the judging (or "jidging" as Cat pronounces it, much to my annoyance), so I can't accurately answer this.. ;)3. I actually really like the new format so far (despite the redundant moments you've pointed out), especially now that they've been forced to do boy-boy and girl-girl pairings. Way to switch it up!4. Sometimes I think certain styles are way favored over others, but now I think it's more about the choreography itself rather than the style, except for the ones that are almost always a total snooze-fest like Foxtrot, Waltz, etc. For example, Tyce-choreographed Broadway routines are usually way more exciting/crowd-pleasing than Joey Dowling's, and hip-hop numbers aren't always favored if it isn't a NappyTabs piece...5. I don't think it usually favors boys over girls, this season the boys just happened to be much stronger/likable than the girls (Melinda & Christina = boring!)
Great post! :)

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