'Survivor Redemption Island' - A Mystery Package – Recap

Following the Tribal Council, Steve actually proffered an olive branch to Philip, saying "I’m not being a racist, man. I just thought you were crazy." Which Philip took rather well, considering he’s still being called, well, crazy. Philip was happy to exchange handshakes, but decided that Steve would probably be leaving next because he was not "totally genuous." That’s definitely a new word for me, Phil. Steve and Ralph, being the last ex-Zaps, need all the friends they can get. And with Rob still pulling the strings, I wouldn’t count on any of Rob’s zombies to be those friends.

But it’s a new day! Philip’s had another communication from his great-great-grandfather, Cherokee Jessum, and he’s on a mission to find his missing shorts. Since Julie had basically given the information needed to find said shorts, it was a short, fulfilling mission. I am sure everyone, both on the island and at home, is relieved that the shorts were recovered by the ‘Undercover Specialist, ‘cause he makes his living uncovering the truth.’ Don’t mess with the Specialist! he rants. He’s giddy with glee, and can’t wait to show up styling at the next ‘truel.’  

On Redemption Island, Julie is exultant after finally having had a good night’s sleep. Matt, on the other hand, is a mess. He just can’t figure out why God wants him to be on RI, by himself, without family. In short, Matt is losing it, big time. Mike and Julie (and I!) worry that Matt has lost the will to continue. Read More...



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