SYTYCD Top 6 Results Show: Ridiculosity Incarnate

Thanks for the great comments, everyone. I didn't plan to post again until after next week's episode, but couldn't help it given last night's results show. I'm not a fan of made up words, but I can only classify what happened last night as "ridiculosity incarnate".

For those of you who missed it, Billy and Jose, as predicted showed up in the bottom three, but to my surprise, they were joined by Robert - my pick for strongest of the night. But here's the real kicker - the judges chose not to eliminate any of the dancers and instead will eliminate two next week. Here are their reasons:

1. Jose - although acknowledging Jose has not grown much in areas outside his expertise, the judges felt he has grown as a beat-boy. I disagree - while Jose's solo was impressive, I thought it simply indicated he had smartly kept some tricks up his sleeve for one last-ditch effort

2. Robert - after praising him on Wednesday night, the judges (except for Nigel) turned against Robert, claiming they have not seen him grow in these last weeks. This came from thin air, in my opinion, plus it ignores the fact that it's harder to show incremental growth week by week when you are already a really strong dancer. If Jose pointed a toe now and again, it would be considered leaps and bounds

3. Billy - the judges felt that sending Jose or Robert home over Billy would give Billy an unfair leg up on the remaining dancers (as he had benefited from a week's rest) and set a dangerous precedent for future dancers (as Billy had made the call not to dance on his own, even though the doctors cleared him). While I think there is some merit to this concern, they should have simply told Billy upfront, either you dance or you're out, rather than adding him to the bottom three, creating a de-facto situation that prevented them from eliminating anyone

Does anyone else think it's "ridiculosity incarnate" to not eliminate someone on a show that, in addition to the 2-hour performance episode each week, makes fans suffer through a 1-hour ELIMINATION episode? To be fair, though, I did really enjoy the guest performances. Is it me, or does Enrique Iglesias have Benjamin Button syndrome? Plus, what happened to the mole he used to have?

Auf Wiedersehen-

Rebecca Greene



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Jul 25, 2010 8:32PM EDT

I've gotten so fed with the stupid judges I've stopped watching the show. Either some of their intelligence leaked out of their ears while sleeping or they've decided to neglect everything they know and judge on raw emotion. This is what I would suggest they do. Mia's poor judging abilities seem to sadly have rubbed off on adam and nigel. So Adam and Mia need to go back to being choregrophers and stay away from the judges table, Nigel needs to just do what ever producers do plus he could probably choreograph a few dances as well. Bring in three brand new judges who know dance through and through and won't let emotion get in the way. They will judge on the danceing and perfomance itself and if they actually felt a connection with the dancer as they danced and try and stick with constructive criticsm. I'm convinced that the three judges we have know have decided to go down a road that they can't come back from. They've already lost our respect once you do that there is no way they are going to have any kind of influence whatso ever.

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Jul 26, 2010 7:37PM EDT

LOL@ Benjamin Button syndrome -- I've totally noticed that! & I'm pretty sure he got his mole removed due to medical concerns.. lol.Also, this is a bit random but kind of related to the Enrique performance, but I'm liking all-star Lauren more & more each week. I used to really dislike her back when she was actually on the show, but she just seems so much more well-rounded and likable as an all-star -- I loved her & Allison's backup dancing!& that "All That Jazz" routine was $$$!

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