'The Office': Michael Scott says goodbye, and so do we


Michael Scott's (and Steve Carell's) last day at "The Office" promises to be an emotional one. This isn't going to be a play-by-play live blog, exactly, but we're hoping to capture our initial impressions of Carell's goodbye more or less as they happen. Come along for what we're expecting to be a tear-jerking ride. So, here we go. NBC showed "Garage Sale" leading into this episode, so we're suitably prepared to get all sentimental.Cold open: Fresh Rocky Mountain oysters, huh Dwight? It seems on-point that Dwight would be more concerned about his own future than Michael leaving. Also: The roof of Dunder Mifflin is probably not quite enough to get used to the altitude in Colorado.Act 1 (more or less; we'll use commercial breaks to signify the segments of the episode, even if that doesn't match the act breaks in Greg Daniels' script): Wait -- Michael doesn't want any drama on his last day? And...



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